In which lots to do today

to do list.jpgI have guest posts set up for the next several days (and if you’ve sent me something but haven’t heard back yet, don’t worry, you’re in) but per my usual MO it’s extremely unlikely that I won’t find time to put some posts up while I’m running my brother’s wedding.  At least some pictures.  I’ve had a pretty full day already; I had a job interview this morning that I think/hope went quite well, and ran three or four other errands before coming back home and letting my wife run out to take care of the several errands she needs to do.  Then packing and putting final touches on my speech and putting together the “final” version of the booklet I’ll be using to make sure I don’t call the bride by the wrong name or anything like that during the ceremony.

(Seriously.  I’ve been having literal, no-bullshit nightmares about calling the bride by the wrong name.  I may actually buy a gun today so that when that happens I can simply shoot myself on the spot before anyone else realizes what I’ve just said.)

I’ve also got fifty pages or so of beta reading/commenting to do for another author’s WIP that I am bound and determined to get off my plate before I leave.  Oh, and my son finished preschool yesterday, so I’m dealing with lots of weird Dad moments where holy hell how is my kid old enough that he finished his first year of school.  He’s actually repeating this year of preschool because he’s the youngest in his class (there are kids a year and a half older than him in there– even being held back a year, he won’t be the oldest next year) so I will not have a kindergartner next year, but it’s still weird to think he’s finished a year of Real School.

And it would probably be good if I could convince myself what day it is.  As it worked out, my interview this morning was scheduled precisely when the place opened, so when I arrived fifteen minutes early it meant I had to cool my jets in the parking lot for a bit.  I checked the posted hours and I swear to God it took a good two minutes to reconstruct what day it was.  The boy being home isn’t helping; I’m convinced it’s a weekend.

So.  Yeah.  I should probably at least have some of my around-the-house stuff done by the time my wife gets home from her errands.  I can check off blog post, I guess.  Be nice to each other, y’all.

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