On comics and candidates

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 10.21.08 PM.pngSo, Captain America’s a Nazi, supposedly.  And always has been.  He’s headed the Avengers for the majority of their existence and I think he was President once.  But right now is the big time to play that card.


I’ve been reading comic books for a while, guys, and I’m old enough to recognize bullshit when I see it. Remember how people got all mad about the recent revelation that Han Solo was married during the original trilogy?  That was transparently a misdirect from the first panel and it got all sorts of people twisted up.  Now, I suspect the first panel of Steve Rogers: Captain America #2 is not going to be Cap saying “…Psych!” and that this will last a little bit longer than Solo’s “marriage.”  But for Christ’s sake, he got his original body back because a living embodiment of a Cosmic Cube decided to screw around with him.  (Comic books.  Shut up.)  So I suspect there are probably some shenanigans going on here.

Now, all that said, I really don’t like this direction, and making Cap a Nazi squicks for all kinds of reason that are more specific to Cap than, say, when they made Iron Man an asshole a couple of years ago.  Which, as it turned out, was a great storyline.  I was going to buy this issue, if only because I love the artist quite a bit, but I can’t reward this nonsense with my money.  But that doesn’t mean that I’m not fully aware that everything’s gonna get rolled back to normal in a few months.  And once it does, they can have my money again.

I think– and if I’ve said this before, it’s indisputably true now– that I’m officially tired of Bernie Sanders now, and it’s time for him to go the hell away.  There has not, to my knowledge, been a single debate between candidates of opposing political parties prior to the conventions in my lifetime, and there sure as shit hasn’t been one between the nominee of one party and the guy who came in second of the other.  And yeah, he came in second.  He lost.  He lost the second he decided he didn’t need to contest the South.  And it should have been obvious to everyone that he lost once New York happened.

It’s clear to me at this point that Sanders makes shitty decisions under pressure.  The first example was his fucking ridiculous family field trip to the Vatican, funded illegally by his campaign, so that he could bother the Pope for five minutes in a hallway for no clear reason.  And this “I’ll debate Trump” thing would be hilarious if he wasn’t clearly taking it seriously.  It’s also sexist as fuck; I refuse to believe he’d be entertaining this nonsense if the person who beat him wasn’t a woman.  Trump is transparently yanking him around by a chain right now and he doesn’t realize it.  It’s fucking pathetic.   And naming Cornel West to the platform committee at the convention is nothing more than a transparent attempt to blow the whole damn thing up.

Screw this guy.  I can’t wait for Al Giordano to announce his primary run for real so I can contribute money to him.

While I’m ranting, let’s cancel the Olympics before they turn Zika into a worldwide epidemic.  I think as soon as “the swimmers and boaters will literally be competing in human waste” became something that we just shrugged at they should have canned the damn thing, and that’s old shit by now.  Add in a planetary infectious disease that causes microcephaly in infants and I just don’t really see the need for the floor competition this year.  dt_160302_olympics_rings_zika_mosquito_800x600.jpg

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  1. “Screw this guy. I can’t wait for Al Giordano to announce his primary run for real so I can contribute money to him.”

    …Jesus Christ. What the hell, man.

    I could write more, but I shouldn’t. I really shouldn’t. I’ll just leave it at that: what the hell.

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