In which I need a new attitude

rage1.pngI feel like that video yesterday didn’t get enough attention, guys.  That shit was genius, on a number of levels, and deserves to be appreciated properly.  Go watch it.  (And, to be clear, Child cleans Ramsay’s clock.)

I’ve been in either a towering rage or a pit for most of the last couple of days, and I’m really trying to find a way to shake the mood heading into the weekend.  You may already have guessed that I didn’t get a call back from that job interview last week; I got a shot of confidence on Friday when my online resume, which on a typical day gets no traffic at all, got 27 hits from 3 viewers, two of whom Googled my name to find it.  It got three more on Monday.  The interview was last Tuesday and the interviewer told me I’d either get a call from him or an email from his assistant in “Oh, a week?”.  We’re at ten days; I’m assuming that writing on the wall is as legible as I think it is at this point.  So back to square one, again.

I’ve started applying for sales jobs, because fuck it– probably five or six of them in the last couple of days.  We’ll see if that gets me anywhere.  People need to sleep, right, and sit on things?  And occasionally, like, place things on top of other things?  Sure they do.  I can sell shit.  Why not.

The good news is that I think I’m going to blink and the next two weeks are going to evaporate.  My brother’s wedding is June 4th, once I’ve recovered from that the primary election season finally ends on June 7th, and then I’m tuning politics the fuck out until the conventions.  Or at least I’m going to try.

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  1. Dammit I hear you. Just got turned down for my third short listed job. Spent most of the week in bed in a terrible state. Now I’m told my dream job (music literature and research) is on the web in my home state, in my preferred university and in my preferred faculty but I’m almost too exhausted to apply. Don’t need another rejection.


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