F3GtJe2eRHWG6YBNhefY_Brick THUMB.jpgIs it a sign of something wrong with me that I Google the words “spring break” to find an image for this post and the first thing to come to mind is Jesus Christ, am I glad I never had anything to do with that?  Because that’s totally what just happened.

Anyway: I’m unemployed, so depending on how you chose to look at it I either don’t get a Spring Break or every day in March and April is Spring Break.

The boy does, though.  In fact, he gets two weeks somehow, the longest Spring Break I’ve ever heard of.  So my current jobless status actually kinda works out for us, since the next two weeks can be Daddy Time and we don’t have to scramble to figure out what to do with him.

So far, after three hours of Spring Break, he has built a fort out of couch cushions and I have taken a shower.  So we’re living it up over here.

Anybody want to give any suggestions for what to do with a four-year-old for the next two weeks?  Other than mainline superhero cartoons, I mean.


  1. My (grown-up) kids tell me the best times of their childhood were playing ‘stockade’. We made playdough (flour/salt/water… I think), on a table I’d start to make fences, barns containers… whatever… out of play dough or anything that came to hand. They’d bring along all their plastic animals and between us a story would emerge. Basically, you, the adult, play like another kid and apparently this is heaven.


  2. I think it’s a form of cheating to ask for help on how to amuse a four year old. But puppets, paper bag, sock or draw a face on your hand. Look forward to hearing about your spring break. . . . just saying


  3. Two weeks of Spring Break?! I’m jealous. Last week was our Spring Break (I’m a teacher) and we go back tomorrow. I’m feeling pretty ready, but would definitely welcome another week off with open arms. On our last day of school before Spring Break we (my first graders and I) made play dough and then crumbled up all of the extra worksheets we wouldn’t need anymore and threw them at each other. Puzzles are fun, right? Painting with forks or toy cars or sticks from the yard or potatoes is fun but messy. When I was little we would go on nature walks and collect all kinds of different things. Then we’d feed the things we found to the alligator who lived in the sewer by stuffing it through the holes in the man hole cover. Treasure hunts can be fun and nice and time consuming – hide a certain number of things in the house and then he keeps looking until he finds them all. Is he too old/is it too cold for a water table? We did those a lot with the toddlers when I worked at a daycare.

    Good luck!


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