I keep thinking…

…that I should have something to say about the protests at UIC last night.  Other than the obvious, which is that I have never been prouder to be a UIC alumnus.

Then I keep seeing this:  suwpx2jobnn6ruqmg9hd.jpg

…and I just don’t want to.  Because it’s fucking exhausting and it’s depressing and it’s horrible.

And, honestly, because my meds just got switched again, and I’m deep in the “constant exhaustion” phase of changing medications.

But mostly because of the depressing.

3 thoughts on “I keep thinking…

  1. What scares me is that people don’t seem to realize how scary this situation actually is. I was talking with a former coworker of mine, and he was telling me how disappointing it was that the rally was canceled because it was against Trump’s freedom of speech and then he started going on about how minorities were learning through some sort of Pavlovian conditioning that rioting and violence would get them what they wanted. After trying unsuccessfully to educate him on which side was violent, I told him about this picture, and he told me that people have been misinterpreting things like waving and praising God and all sorts of other possibilities for the Nazi salute. I had to tell him to stop talking to me before we couldn’t even be Facebook friends anymore. This was a man I thought was moderately intelligent.


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