It’s Super Tuesday!


I’ll not bury the lede: Sanders’ campaign is done.  It died in South Carolina.  You cannot be the Democratic nominee for President if you lose black voters 86-14.  It’s just not going to happen, under any circumstances.  I’ll refrain from speculating on why black voters are rejecting him so thoroughly; there are plenty of black writers out there who can provide their own assessment.  But you cannot win a Democratic primary if black people are only giving you twice as many votes, percentage-wise, as they gave Mitt Romney.

Now: that said, I’d prefer Bernie stay in the race for a while.  He’s got plenty of money (the man can fundraise like nobody’s business, that’s for sure) and I feel like Hillary still needs an opponent to her left as the campaign goes on.  He’ll win a couple of states today; Vermont certainly, and my understanding is that Massachusetts, Colorado and Minnesota are either tossups or leaning his way.  But Clinton will sweep the South, and the delegate math does not start looking better for Sanders as the election rolls on, and is going to become mathematically impossible very quickly even without the superdelegates.  Clinton’s lead spiked in South Carolina during the few days before the primary; if we see similar movement toward her across the Super Tuesday states, his road to the nomination may actually become functionally impossible today.

Which means, the Dem side mostly wrapped up, we sit back and watch in horror as the Republicans confirm every single bad thing I ever said about them as they declare an open fascist and racist as their nominee, which is also going to happen today.  I’ve talked about the “kill a puppy” test on this blog before, right?  Where you ask someone if <insert preferred candidate here> killed a puppy on live TV, would you still vote for them?

The way you determine whether you’re dealing with a sane individual is that the answer to this question is no, 100% of the time, no exceptions.  Drumpf has conclusively shown that, yes, he could kill a puppy on live TV and his followers would cheer him for it.  Furthermore, the Republican establishment would make noises about how such a thing Just Shouldn’t Be Done and then come around anyway.   Marco Rubio himself referred to Drumpf just the other day as “a lunatic trying to get ahold of nuclear weapons” but says he’ll vote for him if he’s the Republican nominee.(*)

Drumpf will not win a general election.  Hillary will crush him; so would Sanders.  America is not white enough any longer to elect this creature President.  It would be nice if our news media got off their asses and began describing him correctly; at this point any article about him that does not use the words “racist” and “fascist” is lying by omission.  This is how far gone the Republican party is:


Yeah.  Their previous Presidential nominee basically says “Hey, uh, the KKK is bad, okay?” and two prominent Republican commentators call him a liberal.

These people are soul-fucked.  It is time for the Republican party to die, folks, because any organization that produces people who mock condemning the Ku Klux Klan is too corrupt and evil to be tolerated by the rest of us.  Drumpf has exposed beyond any further chance of obfuscation or denial what the rest of us always knew about the GOP; that while their leaders may be businessmen and money people, their base is authoritarians, fascists and racists, all the way down.  Those of you who consider yourselves Republicans but don’t feel like you’re included in either of those categories should think very carefully about your behavior over the next seven months, because “I voted against Hitler in the primaries” is simply not a sufficient defense.  In 2020 nominate someone sane and make Hillary a one-termer.  You’ll survive for four years under Hillary Clinton.  But America dies the second Drumpf is elected.

(*) I’ve seen an extended version of that clip, and I’m actually considering removing this sentence, because I don’t think it’s completely clear that Rubio is referring to Drumpf and not, say, Sanders or Cruz or Clinton.  He does go on to specifically reference him a few sentences later, and doesn’t reference any other candidate at all, though, so it’s probably a sound inference but not 100%.

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