#WeekendCoffeeShare: VD edition


Let’s be honest: if we were having coffee, we would absolutely be talking about politics in one way or another, but I’m not super interested right now at 10:00 in the AM on a Sunday in talking about politics.  I’ve entered the Two Weeks of No Romance period of the year, guys; my wife’s birthday was yesterday, today is Valentine’s day, and this being Leap Year we actually get an anniversary on Feb. 29th this year.  We’ve been married 8 years, but this is our 2nd anniversary.

What do we do to celebrate these august (heh) events?  Well, nothing, really.  My wife and I both agreed that Fat Tony’s death was the best birthday present the universe could possibly have arranged for her, we’re dropping the boy off with his grandparents and going to see Deadpool today, and as for our anniversary … hell, we’ll come up with something.  What did I get her?  Nothing.  We aren’t gift people.  (For the record, she didn’t get me anything for my last birthday either, and we didn’t exchange gifts at Christmas.)  What will we be getting each other for our anniversary?  Chances are nothing, although we’ll certainly go somewhere and do something fun together.

Valentine’s Day?  Bah.  Neither of us care.

I married correctly, is what I’m saying here.

This was an odd week.  I got nothing done on either of the two fiction projects I’m working on during the week, a combination of exhaustion, depression, and what was probably a very mild flu completely taking me off my game from Monday through Thursday.  I had my son at home with me all day on Friday and somehow between Friday and yesterday managed to get something like four thousand words done on the new Benevolence Archives novella I’m working on.  Sunlight is still a little stalled, but I ought to be able to get back to that this week and I still have high hopes (ha!) of being able to get it done before C2E2.

Note that at one point I wanted it available at C2E2.  So that tells you how good I am at keeping on schedule for novel projects, if you weren’t already aware of it.  For what it’s worth I love the hell out of the BA story that’s responsible for my recent distraction.

The Walking Dead is back tonight, and I have the boy again tomorrow (he gets a four-day Winter Break weekend) and so somehow I have to manage to avoid spoilers for 24 hours.  This will be harder than usual, I think.  I’m glad the show’s back, although I think The Expanse may have supplanted it as my current favorite TV show.

(Are you watching The Expanse, fellow coffee-drinker?  Or, rather, did you, since the first season’s over?  I strongly suggest that you get on that right now.)

So, yeah.  That’s where I’m at.  How’re you?

3 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: VD edition

  1. Oh man, I really need to catch up on The Walking Dead. We haven’t manged to catch any of the 6th season yet. We were behind, and then I refused to catch up until I knew for sure whether Glenn made it.

    We’re not doing much in the way of V-Day either. We ate breakfast in bed together and that’s kind-of the extent of Valentine’s celebrations, which fall right in the middle of birthday and anniversary and holiday celebrations anyway. Just hardly seems worth the effort.


  2. If you are offering VD with your coffee, does penicillin come included? The kids were coming up with abbrieviations and that one was floated and we thought better of it.
    Thanks for the coffee but I’ll have mine straight thanks.
    xx Rowena


  3. I’ve read the spoilers. I don’t get the channel Walkers are on so that’s how I keep up with what’s current. One of the local channels has it in syndication so we’ve seen up through the end of last spring. Spoiler alert: [LUTHER EDIT: nope.]


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