Vaffanculo, asshole

I may have something more coherent to say tomorrow about Scalia’s hopefully painful and ignoble death.  For now, I am suspending all ordinary rules of courtesy upon the death of a truly awful person-thing.

That evil piece of shit is dead.  Let us dance.

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Luther M. Siler

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11 thoughts on “Vaffanculo, asshole

  1. Wow, that’s appalling, even for me. I would never dance on a man’s grave, no matter how I felt about him. That’s just tacky.

    Scalia often made some very interesting rulings based on the US Constitution, rulings that sadly, many of those trapped in knee jerk ideology, lack the intellectual capacity to grasp. I point some of them out, some that actually favored a left ward bent, but I see it would be pointless.


      1. What a miserable way of being in the world. That comment says far more about you than it does about him.

        You should attempt to detach emotionally from some of your rhetoric, you might be able to perceive the world more clearly.


                  1. Well, you do take childish insecurity to a whole new level. That combined with a lack of intellectual curiosity are odd things to brag about, but whatever.

                    Wait…weren’t you a teacher once? Never mind, it all makes sense now.


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