That email’s real and works and everything, by the way.  And the font is American Typewriter, not Courier.  It looks way different shut up.  LMS Business Card Front 2.jpgLMS Business Card Back 2

12 thoughts on “Better?

  1. i didn’t mind the old font. yours OR mine, asshole. but this one looks nice, too. and i do think you’re solid with no tagline.

    signed, rache: nonwriter & opinionated.

    (see? unnecessary. you already have all the info you need, bahaa.)


    1. Yeah, the tagline was mostly because I’d done ten thousand iterations of “Writer or author? Should I say publisher? Where do I put them? Should they all be in one line or stacked? What font should I use? How big should they be? ARRRRRRGH.” and mockery of the entire thing was the only way my brain could cope.


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