Top 10 Posts of 2015

Scalzi did his list today, which reminded me that I haven’t done mine. See if you notice a theme here.  Asterisks are next to posts that weren’t written this year:

  1. In Which I Tell You How Your Religion Works (105,278 views)
  2. SNOWPIERCER: I hated, hated, hated, hated, HATED this movie (12,925 views) (*)
  3. Creepy Children’s Programming Reviews: BOB ZOOM (3,653 views)
  4. In which the kids are fine, shut up (2,921 views) (*)
  5. Creepy Children’s Programming Reviews: OCTONAUTS (2,623 views)
  6. Creepy Children’s Programming Reviews: CURIOUS GEORGE (2,158 views) (*)
  7. Creepy Children’s Programming Reviews: COLOR CREW (1,642 views) (*)
  8. Creepy Children’s Programming Reviews: PEG + CAT (1,197 views) (*)
  9. In Which My Kid is Weird as Hell (1,193 views) (*)
  10. Creepy Children’s Programming Reviews: BUSYTOWN MYSTERIES (876 views) (*)

All but three of those are connected to children’s shows, since the Weird as Hell bit is actually about Curious George.  Clearly I need to adapt the blog and just talk about kids’ TV all the time, because it gets ridiculous traffic when I do.  The Kids are Fine was Freshly Pressed in January, and we all know about the damn Syria and Snowpiercer posts.

Most of those, you’ll note, are from previous years.  If I restrict this to only posts written in 2015, here’s the list:

  1. In Which I Tell You How Your Religion Works (105,278 views)
  2. Creepy Children’s Programming Reviews: BOB ZOOM (3,653 views)
  3. Creepy Children’s Programming Reviews: OCTONAUTS (2,623 views)
  4. Blood Transfusions Don’t Work Like That: A Review of MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (787 views)
  5. STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS is a miserable, wonderful mess of a movie: a spoiler-filled review (464 views)
  6. In Which I Refuse to Shut Up:  A Response to Delilah Dawson (391 views)
  7. How to Launch Your New Book: Everything I Know (361 views)
  8. Creepy Children’s Programming Reviews: PINGU (319 views)
  9. GUEST BLOG: I watched Jessica Jones, and My Hands Froze, by James Wylder (299 views)
  10. In Which I am Way Ahead of Myself (242 views)

This is a teeny bit more diverse, adding a couple of movie review posts and a few about writing; the #9 post, not written about me, was about television and responding to/dealing with trauma, and is probably the most important of the ten.  The only one I don’t really get was #10, which basically benefited from being written the same day as the Syria post and got a lot of secondhand attention as a result.

Tomorrow or the day after, general 2015 blogwanking, and probably a saleswanking post not long after that.  This was a really interesting year.

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