I got nothing

Kinda want to bury myself in Fallout 4 today, but I have stuff to do around the house, and the wife and I have a dinner date tonight, so I need to be productive this afternoon.

With that in mind, have this:

Gonna go see what sort of trouble I can get myself into before it’s time to pick the boy up.

(Actually, this sounds like it could be fun: I love Creep.  I hate every single other song Radiohead has ever done, but Creep is awesome.  What’s your favorite song from your least favorite band?)

10 thoughts on “I got nothing

  1. anjiaoshi

    I don’t know if this is really what you were asking, but I never heard a Bob Dylan song I didn’t like better hearing it performed by someone else.


  2. anjiaoshi

    Oh, dude, I just listened to the song, and he RUINED it. He made it about SOMEONE ELSE being the creep, and telling them THEY don’t belong. What a jerk move.


  3. Band? Dunno. I just can’t get you out of my head. Sung by Kylie Minogue, who is a major performing artist in Australia and the UK but unknown in the U.S. Hate all her other stuff, but this sticks. Might be the 100 hooks used. A very clever little song.

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      1. Oh, ok. Never been sure about her influence in the US. Anyway, it’s a weirdly catchy tune. Gotta credit her song writers for one of the best pop confections ever written. And the video is fabulous too.


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