God I’m glad I did guest posts

The view out my hotel window is unimpressive and it is dark and rainy.  This is the pizza the hotel Italian restaurant just served me, because I am insanely tired and the thought of going out and finding somewhere else to eat was more than I could bear:


While getting to the con was ridiculous– I forgot my banners and had to turn around after half an hour and go back, damn near ran out of gas, and wasn’t allowed to check into my room when I arrived, and the aggravation combined with the stress of gaslessness and a very serious need to poop compromised my ability to think clearly and I just made them hold my bags all day rather than going back to my car and putting them in there.  Then when I finally did check into my room after the dealer’s room closed at 7, neither of the keys worked and I had to haul all of my shit back downstairs because I’m here alone and I couldn’t exactly just leave it in the damn hallway.

But: pizza.  Good pizza.

The con itself is going quite well.  I sold a book in the first five minutes the dealers’ room was open.  That’s awesome.  I’m not setting sales records, but I’m damn close to paying for my table already.  Considering I sold zero the first day at InConJunction I’m gonna call it a win.

Weird thing about this convention, though: I can sell books to people, but hell if I can get anyone to take a free bookmark.  Free!  Take a fucking bookmark, people!

Okay.  It’s 8:15 and I say that makes it okay to go to sleep now.  Perhaps tomorrow I will be able to do a thing connected to the con once the dealers’ room closes; I can’t bear the thought of spending another second on my feet right now.

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