A technical question for the #indieauthors out there

As of right now, I’ve sold fewer copies of Searching for Malumba today than there were pre-orders for it.  Now, don’t get me wrong– I was quite pleased with the number of pre-orders, and in fact I have reason to believe that I sold a copy or two to people who did not actually pre-order the book.

Which leaves several people who appear to have not gotten their pre-order.

I mean, I pre-ordered the damn thing myself, right?  I know how this works.  The date rolls by, they send you an email that the thing’s on your Kindle, and boom– there it is.  So how is it possible that I have people who haven’t received their pre-orders yet?  Do I just have a handful of people whose credit cards aren’t clearing or something like that?

(Also, once again, the book isn’t getting credit for the number of sales today, meaning that doing pre-orders actually hurts your ranking on launch day– meaning that I won’t be doing this again.)

Any theories, other than that I know several grown adults who literally don’t have $4.95 right now?  Because that seems somewhat unlikely.

2 thoughts on “A technical question for the #indieauthors out there

  1. I think you’re right about the billing not going through for a number of pre orders. That’s the only train I can think of.

    I’m getting the book. Didn’t pre order. Going over there now!

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  2. I bet it is a billing problem or something to do with Kindle like they am have not yet logged in or acknowledged the new book yet as they are catching up on other books??? Do not know, but I do appreciate the insight into the ebook industry.


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