In which this is exactly what I didn’t want

job-huntSpent the whole day behind the 8-ball, because on my one day off this weekend I went to the zoo with my wife and my son instead of spending all of it planning for this upcoming week of classes.  We had a stellar time at the zoo, too, probably the best visit to that particular zoo that I’ve ever had.  And now I’m sitting on the couch coughing up a quick blog post rather than researching methods of teaching measurement and conversion between units (because we have an entire four-week unit coming that I have no material for, which is going to be awful,) which is what I probably ought to be doing, and also instead of hanging out with the aforementioned wife and son, which is what I want to be doing.

I have absolutely got to find a new job.  I don’t want to teach anymore; I don’t want any of this– not the lesson planning, not the grading, none of it.  I haven’t called a single parent this year, because fuck it.  I can only think of two or three occasions during my entire career where it made any damn difference and it’s not going to this time either.  I need to sit down and seriously crunch some numbers and figure out just how much of a salary cut I can handle and still stay solvent, because I can’t do this anymore.  I need a goddamn job that I can leave at work and not bring extra shit home to do every single day.  Enough of this crap.

11 thoughts on “In which this is exactly what I didn’t want

  1. First off, you made the right decision. Quality time with your own son (as opposed to classroom kids) is far more important. Secondly, sounds like you need some time away from the classroom. I taught students but then I got a “real” job until I made enough to go back to teaching. All of a sudden, it was wonderful again. I didn’t have to depend on the teaching money and could just do it because I loved doing it. It makes a difference. Good luck.


  2. Again I know the feeling and I am back teaching, but hoping the new boss makes up for it yet. Early to tell, or even to another building in district. Had an opportunity in another but they would not raise transfer years…frustrating.
    So, found out a few things in the meantime. One Instructional Design postings will look at mid or high school teachers askance as they feel you may not have enough adult experience, found that out from another designer. And another what we basically already due but fine tune it: project management. General organization and meeting what not. Worth and gander, or communication specialist. Best of luck out there.


  3. One of the worst parts of teaching was the resultant scramble for having chosen quality-of-life over lesson-planning. Are there any other careers that foster such guilt or consequence? Ugh.

    I spent many years teaching measurement and unit conversion – to 8th graders two years but mostly to tenth graders with algebra experience. Nevertheless, let me know if I can send you some material, activity ideas, whatever.


  4. NotAPunkRocker

    Teacing to you is what HR is to me. I would gladly take a rote, repetitive job that I can leave at the end of the workday than the stress I have been putting myself through.

    Fingers crossed you find something soon…


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