Friday grab bag (ALSO: 1500th post!)

  • 510Cy7ZwEHL._SX338_BO1,204,203,200_This is my 1500th post.  The blog came into existence in June of 2013, so that’s a rather ridiculous number.  Clearly the place was appropriately named.  I’m closing in on my 200,000th pageview, so I probably ought to start thanking people every day for bothering to pay attention to me at all.
  • Speaking of thanking people for paying attention, how about a free book?  It’s #SilerSaturday again tomorrow, and Skylights is the book of the week.  I’m really looking forward to seeing how it does, since this is the first time it’s ever been free other than a handful of little contests and giveaways.  It’ll probably go free sometime late tonight and will be free until the wee hours of Sunday morning.
  • It hit me today that I don’t really have any funny or interesting stories from school yet.  The dynamics of my classes haven’t really changed all that much, although I’m starting to get the afternoon dialed in a bit better (don’t tell them.)  I just don’t have anything memorable to say yet.  That’s really surprising.
  • That said, our district has in its infinite wisdom decided that on Monday and Tuesday of next week every math, language arts and special ed teacher in seventh and eight grade in the entire district is going to be at a training, and that furthermore all teachers new to the district should also be at a training on Tuesday.  These two things overlap, of course.  How people are expected to attend both is an open question, and the fact that we appear to have no subs at all even on a normal day means that they may as well cancel school.  We have 22 people scheduled to be out on Tuesday, plus one of the administrators, and that only because they rioted and insisted that one of them be allowed to stay behind.  Yeah.  They thought they were pulling 22 teachers and both of the administrators.  From every middle school in town, plus the high schools.  You understand why I don’t want to work for these people any longer.
  • We played a fun game at lunch, called “Try to come up with a way for this plan to be more stupid than it is.”  No one won.
  • Our zoo acquired four new tigers this week.  Four!  Omg zoo zoo zoo zoo NOW.  I’m going this weekend tigers tigers TIGERS!!!
  • I was all psyched about starting to watch Dr. Who this season.  Apparently Dr. Who was not all psyched about me starting to watch it.  Doing it anyway, show!  Screw you!
  • That’s all I can think of.  Watch Sourcerer tomorrow for another Fear the Walking Dead post, though.  And remember: Skylights is free on #SilerSaturday for the first time!  It’s a great book!  Check it out!

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