So, this weekend…

698791520751101256My cat died, my wife probably broke at least one toe (again!,) I spent a couple of minutes shouting at my mother-in-law at my son’s birthday party and exiled myself to my bedroom to angrily fold clothes until they left, and I massively oversalted my grits somehow, making them inedible.

Granted, one of those sounds like a way less big deal than the others, but goddammit I was in serious psychological need of some god damn comfort food and managing to screw it up in such an unprecedented and inexplicable way really did not help.

Screw this weekend, is what I’m saying here.  I want a mulligan.

I also have no lesson planning done for next week– mostly because I can’t convince myself that I actually really do have to do it– and I can’t watch FTWD tonight.

And I didn’t win a Hugo.


But hey, at least I sort of got a blog post up today.

11 thoughts on “So, this weekend…

  1. We had a crap weekend too. It was fated. Or something. Cat peed on the bed, the water heater blew up and no electrician wants to know us. There goes any chance of getting the stove in before Xmas!!


  2. Wow…that’s quite a list. I’m so sorry about your cat, hopefully your wife’s toes are ok, put the grits in soup (tastes great, just don’t add more salt to the soup) and hopefully the argument will be forgotten. Hope this week is kinder to you and yours.


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