In which my brain is uncooperative

I had a line– a single line– from a story hop into my head close to bedtime Friday night and spent all day yesterday trying to track down the rest of it, to no avail.  At least yet. It’s still in there, though, banging on the walls, trying to get out.  We’ll see if I figure out what else I can do with it at some point today.

The impending baby was successfully showered, and I got a tour of Michigan State’s campus, which was pretty cool as I’d never been there before.  Then my wife and I spent approximately seventeen hours attempting to convince the boy that yes, it is possible for a human to sleep on an air mattress.

I am sleepy, is what I’m saying.

One thought on “In which my brain is uncooperative

  1. the closest I’ve come to that is a song fragment in my head (worse! a melody fragment)…. I coaxed it out with repetition… can’t imagine what you need to do with a set of words/thought/line


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