KVETCHING: Please ignore

d030284a840206426cc071f635bb443f8ce8ef79d51a5578b9518920f0d3d08fStill don’t know what my job is.  School starts in twelve days.

I’m sitting in what will be my classroom– if, that is, I’m actually teaching next year, which, again, I don’t know if I’m doing or not.  Yesterday I was positive about it.  Today, I’m just tired, and I’d like somebody to make some damn decisions so I can move on with the work I need to do, whatever that work ends up being.

I’ve made one change in here, which is to rotate the desk so that if I’m at my computer I’m facing the kids and not facing the wall  I have a fair amount of computer-lookery to do over the course of the day– checking email, entering attendance, that sort of thing– and I generally don’t ever want the kids behind me if I’m looking at something that’s going to claim my attention.  Other than that?  The desks are in some sort of weird half-circle thing; I might change that.  Not much else, at least not today.  Once I’m sure it’s my room, I’m gonna be moving some sit around.  Until then, it’s not worth the mental effort.


5 thoughts on “KVETCHING: Please ignore

  1. I will not ignore! 🙂
    I remember one room I got set up in — it was a computer lab and it was set up, basically, so that they could all see my screen but I really couldn’t see any of theirs. Struck me as a poor arrangement for a space where the kids were basically given free-time on the computers (with rules of course but still, we weren’t doing guided lessons or anything). Rearranged that thing a few times before it was just right, but the first thing I did was make sure my screen was not view-able by them!

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    1. My preferred setup for a computer lab is a long U of tables around the perimeter of the room, all monitors facing the center of the room, and another table down the middle, monitors out. Put the kids you trust on the center table; the outside computers are viewable from anywhere in the room.

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      1. I had few enough that I was able to have them all facing either the wall or the window, so that I could see screens on a walk-through — with the most trusted kids using the ones that didn’t have clear visibility from my desk. So, yeah, U-shaped is totally the way to go 🙂

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  2. That is ridiculous. This type of nonsense is one of the reasons I left the profession. How can the administration expect us to be prepared to do our jobs when they won’t give us adequate time to prepare? Never mind all that instruction time being wasted with you stuck behind a computer doing clerical nonsense. If you want to make me accountable for why my students are failing, stop hindering me from doing my job! Rant over.


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