On Assholes, or, I Hate It Here

cf81db9ba7a8588b94f04bdeddca5af82783406d4bc2e49a17d2a1cf1e83d390I recently became aware of a Facebook group called Michiana’s Panhandler Invasion.  I became aware of it because Facebook spent a while insisting that I should join it until I figured out how to convince the site’s thinkbots otherwise.

(A quick note, for the non-locals: the area on the border between Michigan and Indiana is frequently known as Michiana.)

Anyway, I suggested in a related conversation that the group might be better renamed 1300 Assholes, possibly occasionally updating their name with the most recent appropriate number, and then banished them from my mind.  I have enough evil crap to deal with in there as is and I don’t need these morons or their shit clogging my brain up.

There is an intersection not far from my house where there are frequently a couple of panhandlers.  Not constantly, but maybe half the time I drive past there during daylight there will be someone at the intersection, and sometimes there are two different people on opposite corners.

I drove through this intersection on my way home from picking the boy up from day care today.  There was no one at the intersection, but someone had spraypainted “PICK UP YOUR TRASH” on the curb in big green letters, along with the word “LIAR” three or four times.

I am not exaggerating or lying in the least when I say that I’d rather have the panhandler than the ambulatory sack of meat trash who decided to paint that hateful shit on the curb.  Fucker probably thinks he’s a Christian, too.

I hate it here.

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