Maybe I can do this NO I CAN’T SHUT UP

If I were a dog, I would deserve a firm smack on the nose, perhaps with some sort of rolled-up magazine or newspaper, for writing this post.  Then again, if a dog actually wrote a blog post, perhaps that would be cause for celebration and not censure.  Maybe this metaphor doesn’t quite work.  I don’t know.

I spent about an hour this afternoon sitting in my new classroom, just sort of staring at everything.  Have some pictures.  Ignore the clutter and the untidiness; there were parties yesterday and the janitors haven’t gotten everywhere yet (and the teacher did a terrible job of getting the kids to straighten the room.)


As you can see, the room is cavernous.  It’s set up as a science classroom; there’s storage underneath the countertop all the way around.  That thing in the back is a vent hood.  I can burn shit in there if I want to.


There’s room for, like, a million kids in here, and tons of table space too.  There’s 30 student desks, plus three round tables, four computer stations that are probably going away, two rectangular tables, a couple of bar stools for the counter space, and a couple of desk areas built in under the windows.  The versatility for seating arrangements is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  Both of my previous classrooms could fit inside this one at the same time.


Lots of board space, too.  The whiteboard is electronic, and there’s some chalkboard to either side of it, plus a fair amount of bulletin board space, especially if I get rid of the computer stations, which I’m planning to do.

God help me, I sat in this classroom today and for a couple of minutes I was actually looking forward to this fall. I cannot do this. I cannot allow myself this luxury when I don’t think I’m going to be getting paid for the entire school year.

This year was rough.  I have no reason to think next year was better, as the two cardinal rules of teaching in Indiana are that nothing ever gets better and everything always gets worse.  And “worse” next year is going to be unprecedentedly worse if I can’t get out this summer.

But damn.  This classroom.

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7 thoughts on “Maybe I can do this NO I CAN’T SHUT UP

  1. Nice.
    I am on mat leave and half the time was spent dealing with issues at school… receiving emails that began with “I know you are on maternity leave but…”. Now that school is out, all I can think of is “I have to plan for next year.”
    It’s a curse.
    Kick back. Find a patio… and stay out of the classroom for at least a week! 😉


  2. I think my classroom is literally a quarter a size of that. Today I packed it up and shoved as much stuff as possible into my one cabinet. Teach the crap out of that room.


  3. Luther, I love your posts. Your authenticity is so awesome. WTH….I say celebrate the moment, scatter some pixie dust, think happy thoughts and sing, “I can fly, I can fly, I can fly!” Just don’t light a match in that science room. Ha!


  4. I know the feeling about things getting worse year after year. Same here in my part of Florida. But that room is something special. Can’t help but be a little optimistic.
    Swear there’s a certain degree of masochism involved in being a teacher in the US, coming back for worse conditions year after year. Was trying to get out this year but for some reason am going back for 1 more. SMH


  5. Holy cow! Your house must be a museum if you claim that room is untidy! Still, having all that space – you may need a megaphone in order to talk.


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