School’s out! Sale! Sale! Sale! (EDIT: It’s live!)

As of right now, school ought to be ending, and all of my students ought to be going away for a couple of months, and I am probably not dead or in jail.  Let’s celebrate the end of the school year with a book sale!

skylights  ba-cover-tiny  Sanctum_72dpi

Right now, until about 20 hours from now– just before noon tomorrow, in other words– Skylights, The Benevolence Archives, Vol. 1 and The Benevolence Archives, Vol. 2: The Sanctum of the Sphere will be only ninety-nine cents at the Amazon.  That’s not even a dollar!  And a dollar is not a whole lot of money!

(Well, I hope right now. Chances are it’s either already started or it will within an hour or so.  But it was supposed to start at 3!  Amazon doesn’t do clocks very well.)

Roughly every 20 hours after that, the price will go up a dollar on everything but BA 1, which is always 99 cents at Amazon.  The sale ends Saturday night, when both books go back to regular price.  So if you don’t get around to picking it up immediately, or you’d prefer to give me more than 99 cents of your money, the sale will still continue for a bit longer.

Celebrate the end of a school year with some summer reading!

(EDIT: 5:38 PM Eastern, two and a half hours late, and the sale hasn’t started.  Will update when it does.  Am growing aggravated.)

6 thoughts on “School’s out! Sale! Sale! Sale! (EDIT: It’s live!)

  1. Cool stuff 🙂
    You might want to link the book images to their Amazon sell page. I clicked on one and went “uh… wanted the book, not the image.” Anything that moves the clients along may help. 😉


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