Two things

First, this image, which is more of a Facebook post than a blog post, but I laughed like a hyena so you get to see it:


The British makes it funnier.

Second, that the largest of our local high schools had their Prom last night, and we had a group of about a dozen kids attending that prom show up to play miniature golf in all of their finery last night.  I am now old enough that kids dressed up for Prom generally all look like charmingly awkward dorks to me, which may sound like it’s an insult but really isn’t supposed to be.  Prom is going to be one of the first times you’ve ever worn clothes like that and kids that age aren’t really all that used to inhabiting their bodies in the first place so there’s just going to be a bit of a mismatch from most of them in the grace and poise department most of the time.  It’s not their fault.

That said, this particular group of kids looked good.  Startlingly so.  The girls in particular impressed me; my understanding is that the trend in prom dresses lately has been toward the…we’ll say minimalistic, but the six of them had all picked dresses that were dresses and not excuses to show off a bunch of skin.  Several of the guys had white tuxes on, and– particularly when paired with the right color vest (I always preferred vests to cummerbunds)– white can be really striking.

At any rate, I’d just commented to my co-worker about how the kids looked quite a bit classier than several of the Prom groups we’d had in the past when I happened to look up and see one of the girls cup both hands under her breasts and jump, adjusting her dress in some not-entirely-clear and probably none of my business fashion while in midair.

And in spike heels, which made the whole thing quite a bit more impressive.

So yeah.  Still teenagers.

7 thoughts on “Two things

  1. I giggled at your prom-encounter story. I saw a bunch of promgoers downtown last night and was also surprised at how classy they looked (on par with my prom group a few years back, if I do say so myself). Never been a fan of white tuxes, but I’m with you on vests > cummerbunds.

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  2. My prom was right around the time of when slutty prom dresses started to become trendy. It was a sad day. Your perspective as an older man seeing the “dorks” all giddy and sharp for prom is quite comical 🙂


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