#ATOZCHALLENGE, Day 1: Atmosphere

Artist: AtmosphereA
Best Album: You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having
Best Song: Trying to Find a Balance
This Letter Could Have Been About: Afrika Bambaataa, Arrested Development, Angie Martinez

Why I’m Writing About This Artist: Because if I was a rapper, I’d be Atmosphere.  Or… well, okay, that’s not quite true.  Atmosphere is two guys: Slug, the rapper, and Ant, the DJ.  If I was a rapper, I’d therefore be Slug, who is a white guy in his early 40s from Minneapolis.  This makes him only four years older than me and from basically the same cultural background, and we appear to have had basically the exact same childhood; the line hip-hop and comic books was my genesis appears in one of their songs.  The song below, which was the song that got me to first notice the group, makes some direct references to Boogie Down Productions, which will always cause my ears to perk up when I’m listening to a song.  Atmosphere also founded Rhymesayers Entertainment, and basically everybody on the Rhymesayers label is worth listening to.

They’re still active, so there’s plenty of music out there to go find.  But start with this song, whose hook in the days of kings and queens, I was a jester was the tagline on my first blog for a very, very long time.

Have a video!

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5 thoughts on “#ATOZCHALLENGE, Day 1: Atmosphere

  1. I was introduced to “Lucy Ford” by my skater friends, who would blast it from open car doors in our high school’s empty parking lot. I saw Atmosphere recently in Baltimore. Great show.

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  2. I don’t know where I first heard “You”, but that turned me on to their other work. Great starting post in the series! 🙂

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  3. I’m quite unfamiliar with Atmosphere but it’s been interesting to learn about the duo. I do like the other group you mentioned…Arrested Development. “Take me to another place, take me to another land.” Yeah they were the jam!

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