REBLOG: RECAP: The Walking Dead, The First 5.5 Seasons

This week, over at Sourcerer, I recap the entirety of the first four seasons of THE WALKING DEAD.  Check it out!


THE WALKING DEAD is back tomorrow!  THE WALKING DEAD is back tomorrow!  THE WALKING DEAD is back tomorrow!

I figure maybe you might have forgotten something that happened in the first five and a half seasons.

SEASON ONE: Rick Grimes is really glad that Robert Kirkman watched 28 Days that one time.  Somebody tries to paint a helpful sign on a door, but forgets how English writing works and tells people not to dead because there are open inside, which just doesn’t make any damn sense at all:


Morgan can’t quite bring himself to shoot his wife, but Lori and Shane waited like no time at all after the apocalypse to move on from her husband and his best friend’s death.  Carl is annoying and gets the stupid hat.  Merle gets chained to a roof and has to saw off his own hand to escape, cauterizing it on a stove…

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