One more try

I’ve tried this move several times on Twitter, to no effect, and figure I may as well post this here before I live: any Nashville folks reading this?  Anywhere I should make sure to go while I’m in town?  In particular, I want to eat things I can’t eat here.

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  1. Depending upon where you’re from, you might want to check out local barbecue joints. I was in Nashville recently at the airport, and there are plenty of people you could stop and ask where to get the best barbecue from (like the TSA people). Sorry I can’t be more specific, but I don’t travel to Nashville often enough, anymore.


  2. I’m not a Nashville native, but have lived here over a decade. What cha looking for? Authentic southern food/tourist hot spots? Two different approaches. When are you visiting? Where to go can be dependent on days of the week. Google “The Nashville Scene” + “best of” for the winning places around Nashville. While you’re here, pick up a Nashville Scene in most grocery stores/restaurants for what’s happening around town.

    Bluebird Cafe is a must for the music vibe, drive around Music Row, hit the Pancake Pantry if you’d like to stand in line for a great breakfast and bump into some stars. The Loveless cafe has the most authentic and highly recommended southern food, but Puckett’s Grocery (yes, a restaurant) is a close second. (This will cause outrage from true southerners, but as a Pennsylvania girl for more than 2/3 of my life, southern food is very greasy to the northern palate.) Looking for a bit of comfort food? I’d hit Joey’s Pizza. Lol. Great meatball sub.

    Buy yourself a box of Goo Goo clusters to take back and peek into the tour buses parked in the Kroger parking lots.

    If it’s raining or flurrying make sure your Nashville Scene is in the car. It will give you something to read while you sit in the traffic resulting from the many accidents.

    PS Most people living in Nashville are from somewhere else.



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