In which I vagueblog

Parrotceratops sA little blogged out right now, if I’m being honest, what with yesterday’s longer post being nearly three thousand words and even the shorter one not exactly being tiny.  I finally got to cross something off my to-get-done list today that has been sitting there and being annoying for months— and because of the way it ended I have vague suspicions that I should not talk about it at all in case lawyers get involved.


Note that if lawyers do get involved, this actually ends with me lifting a spear and a severed head, spinal cord dangling, triumphantly over my own head, a roar of victory filling my lungs and the dead laying in pools of maroon below.  So there’s that to look forward to at some point.  But for right now?  Let’s look at a picture of a Triceratops with feathers, and maybe I’ll come up with something more interesting to talk about later tonight.

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