In which I shamelessly vaguebook

God damn it world you owe me this.

I am too fucking superstitious to tell you what the hell I’m talking about, so I apologize for that, but it would be a giant joke to pretend that I have anything at all right now on my mind other than this thing that I’m currently too superstitious to talk about, so let me just say god damn it world you owe me this again and that’s just gonna have to be it until I hit a point not controlled by stupid rituals.

Current actual portrayal of my mental state:

Where’s that Twitter account that just posts a loud scream every twenty minutes? I need that.

More tomorrow, when hopefully I will be calmer.

In which I nope out on myself

I have a thing to write about, but I really don’t want to write about it right now, partially because my own thinking on the matter is far from settled and partially because I am not really interested in attracting the interest of the internet right now and it would be just my luck that the post that I didn’t want to go viral would end up being a big deal. I’m deliberately vaguebooking, I know; needless to say if you follow F/SF writer Twitter at all, yes, that. And if not, well, trust me, don’t go a-Googlin’. That way lies only madness.

I was planning to review Katherine Addison’s An Angel of Crows today, but I rather inconveniently haven’t finished it. It’s coming, though, and the likelihood of a positive review is high. So plan on that … tomorrow, maybe? Sure.

In which I am vague

giphy.gifMajor, major, major development for my Clark Kent identity today, and I can’t say a damn thing about it.  Which is endlessly frustrating because, like, this is one of those Okay Everything Just Changed type of situations and I really really really want to start wargaming out how things would work in my new reality but it’s not even close to being my new reality just yet.  Right now it’s an opportunity for new reality.  One that would put me back on the horse in a lot of ways and even get some things around here back on track that haven’t been in quite a while.

And I’m crazy-excited about it, and I would have to be insane to start talking about it for real, so instead you just get the vaguest blog post ever and a sort of half-assed notice that Things Might Be Different soon.  Which things?  Can’t say.

So, yeah, I’m vaguebooking.  Lucky for me I own the place.

Speaking of “I own the place,” I made a concession to certain upcoming holidays and acquired– well, my wife bought it, but it was my ideaone of these things for the house, which is now displaying a pleasing swirling vortex of red and green lights over the front of my home and I didn’t have to get up on a ladder or nail anything to anything.  Total time to decorate my place: 5 minutes.  Maybe 10 if you account for the fact that I might buy one more so we can cover the entire front of the house without putting an extension cord across the driveway, which seems like an exceptionally poor idea.

‘Tis the season, and all.

In which I vagueblog

Parrotceratops sA little blogged out right now, if I’m being honest, what with yesterday’s longer post being nearly three thousand words and even the shorter one not exactly being tiny.  I finally got to cross something off my to-get-done list today that has been sitting there and being annoying for months— and because of the way it ended I have vague suspicions that I should not talk about it at all in case lawyers get involved.


Note that if lawyers do get involved, this actually ends with me lifting a spear and a severed head, spinal cord dangling, triumphantly over my own head, a roar of victory filling my lungs and the dead laying in pools of maroon below.  So there’s that to look forward to at some point.  But for right now?  Let’s look at a picture of a Triceratops with feathers, and maybe I’ll come up with something more interesting to talk about later tonight.

Not that you asked, but…

I have been gone all day on account of honest to goodness Sekrit Bizness that at the moment I am unable to divulge to other mortal hoo-manz. If you are immortal or a reptilian, let me know and I may give hints.

Also: omgtired. And I bought a PS4. Which I have no time at all to play.