Well, that was fail

Two things:

  1. Are trench coats out of style now?  I thought trench coats were for old people and old people don’t have style for things to go out of.  Have I been misinformed?  (I did find one I liked.  It was $450.  HmmmmmmNO.)
  2. I found a hat whose style I liked and placed it on my head. An approximation of how it looked:


I checked the size:  XXL.  I am starting to wonder why it is that children who see me do not scream in fear and run away, because apparently I have the largest head in the universe.

On the plus side, the Apple Store replaced my frayed Lightning cable for twenty-five cents. I did not have the energy to even look for shoes.  So: Fail.

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5 thoughts on “Well, that was fail

  1. What you need is an “overcoat.” Yes trenchcoats are now for scary people, and they were never exactly in style. But now sort of ruined. Hat issue I can’t explain…


  2. Regarding Q #1: Define OLD… I have never worn a trench coat, but I see many folks, young and old wearing raincoats. Trench coats were rain-gear for men and play-gear for prostitutes. Just because Prada designs a ‘trench coat’ for $450, does not mean you have to pay that. Shop at thrift stores.

    Regarding Q #2: The XXL does not refer to hat size. It means extra, extra lame.

    Silly clown.


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