Pitch Wars Stage One: COMPLETE

Girls wanna have fun

This means that I have, uh, ten days to complete Pitch Wars Stages two through four, which are: 2) Winnow this list down to four; 3) Write a query letter for those four; 4) Take another look at the first chapter of Click, potentially beating it into shape to be submitted to these fine folk.

It was already going to be an insane ten days.  School, by the way, starts in twelve.

I can do this.


Anyway, just for shits ‘n’ giggles, here’s the shortlist of mentors I’m looking at:

I am, at the moment, calling my reading comprehension into question– because this contest is fairly heavily tilted toward YA/middle grade authors, a lot of the 75 mentors aren’t looking for books for the adult market.  I thought I had done a decent job, like, noticing that while going through and creating the shortlist, but I just had to delete three people who very clearly say “only YA” or “Only MG” in their profiles.  So, uh, I don’t know what happened there.

Hopefully I’ll have picks by the end of the weekend.

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One thought on “Pitch Wars Stage One: COMPLETE

  1. Okay, you got a three sentence elevator pitch yet? A blurb? I swear those got an editor to even look at my story. Get someone who has done a few queries to read over your stuff. Make it shine and grab attention like never before. From reading the blurb for BA on ‘Zon you do fairly well making the story feel exciting and enticing.

    I can’t wait to see you get through this! What an awesome idea. I’m cheering for you.


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