On the new job

Here is what I can tell you about my new job:

* I work at a school.
* I am not teaching or a principal.
* My job is primarily administrative but I will be working with teachers a lot.
* The job is currently for a year.
* I have received a substantial raise.

Unfortunately, as easy as it would have been for a determined investigator to find my last school, if I release much more detail it is almost trivially easy. Now, maintaining some anonymity is less important since I’m not teaching, but I’d still prefer it. So this is all I can say. Job description basically seems to be “fireman” so far. I’ve been busy as hell.

I needed a break from the classroom, and more money is nice. We’ll see what I decide to do after the year is up.

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3 thoughts on “On the new job

  1. Congrats! I feel the same way – being a teacher as well as a photographer – I really want to keep both areas separate! Good luck 🙂 x


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