I’ve decided to start doing periodic– maybe once or twice per month– reminders on the main page of the blog of the various places I can be found on the Interwebs.   I pick up 50 or so new followers a week and my Twitter account has added 800 people in the last month, so it’s probably a useful thing for new readers.  Regular folks, if you see the STATION IDENTIFICATION tag, feel free to ignore it.

So here’s where to find Luther Siler on the interwebtron:

  • You can follow me on Twitter, @nfinitefreetime, here.  I am on Twitter pretty frequently as I use it for whining while I’m writing in the mornings.  I generally follow back if I can tell you’re a human being.
  • I’m starting to try and use Goodreads more often too.  My author page is here; I am accepting any and all friend requests at the moment.
  • My official Author page on Amazon is located here.
  • Feel free to Like the (sadly underutilized) Luther Siler Facebook page here.
  • And, of course, you’re already at, my blog.  You can click here to be taken to a random post.


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  1. Something that is to me odd is that I have another website which gets so many hits and mainly in the overnight hours, I never put the link anywhere, I mean absolutely NOwhere and yet it gets so many hits (it is a dot easy website), however I post my WordPress site on FB,Twitter,Google,Linkedin,Pinterest and anytime I post or write an email…yet so many less hits. Makes me wonder who those people are and where they are seeing that particular site posted! All that because I thought your Station Identification was a great idea and I am one of your myriad followers! 🙂


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