original-1Scene: The boy is laying on the floor, in between the ottoman and the couch, face-down.

BOY:  Fuck fuck fuckin’ fuck.

DADDY:  Tilts head quizzically, listens carefully.  What did you just say?

BOY:  I say fuck fuckin’ fuck.

DADDY:  Tries to suppress laughter.  Kenny, those are mommy and daddy words.  You shouldn’t say mommy and daddy words.

Boy stands up, wanders over to television.

BOY:  Daddy, you say fuckin’ fuck now.

DADDY: Maybe later.  For right now, you don’t say it anymore.

BOY:  Okay, dammit.

I… uh… may have to stop swearing around the house.

(Also, I swear I heard him drop something earlier today and say “goddammit” when he dropped it.  I don’t know why he’s decided to learn every single swear word on the same day like this, but that seems to be what has happened.)

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10 thoughts on “In which I LEARNED IT FROM YOU, DAD!

  1. He dropped the f bomb. WHOA!
    This was hilarious – I know I shouldn’t chuckle at such an expletive, but aww Kenny so cool!


  2. I wonder if one always said “thank you, thank you, ….” instead of the f-bomb, would a child pick up that? It seems they have a natural radar for the “bad words.” LOL


  3. I dropped the cuss, shit while driving yesterday.
    “I’m sorry I cussed.”
    “That’s okay.” says 8 yo
    “I shouldn’t do that though.”
    “You’re just frustrated.” says the 8 yo
    You’ve got no idea, thinks I.


  4. Every now and then when frustrated my 4-yr-old storms around the house yelling “damage! Damage! Damage!” I rather like that interpretation of “dammit”. And if ever I needed a reminder the kids are watching there it is.


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