Schadenfreude pie

More details later. Not my recipe.


EDIT:  The details, including an explanation of the name, can be found here, a link that’s worth clicking on and reading through even if you don’t intend to make the pie.  The short version:  Dark corn syrup, brown sugar, molasses, kahlua, chocolate chips, eggs, cinnamon, butter, and pre-made graham cracker crust.  Eat a very small slice at a time (oh my god so richpreferably warm and with a large glass of milk.

Delicious.  But I’m totally diabetic now.

PS:  It’s called schadenfreude pie, remember.  I will be enjoying a piece during Game of Thrones tonight.  😉


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6 thoughts on “Schadenfreude pie

  1. Is that a fancy word for pumpkin? Wait! it’s not pecanless pie, is it! I ❤ pecanless pie! Of course, I've googled the fancy word and will withhold further comment until thee speakest thy true meaning. Or some such.

    Oh my, that's a lovely pie. Graham crust too… oh man, is it a chocolate pie???


      1. oh my word, it makes my temples buzz just reading the recipe!

        You enjoy and make sure to check in later. Just in case, you know, you go into sugar shock or something!


        (You are bad. You made me say zowie)


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