GODZILLA review, among other things

MV5BMTQ0ODgzNjg2MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDkxMzc3MDE@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_AL_It’s Sunday, so how about a grab bag post?  Sure.

  • Godzilla was exactly the movie I wanted.  I read a review yesterday that called it the best summer movie since Jaws, and while I think that’s sliiiightly higher praise than it deserves I think it’s actually a pretty good movie to compare it to.  Both films are masters of the slow build; you don’t see the shark for over an hour into Jaws and Godzilla is great about keeping the monster backgrounded until it’s time to see him.  The humans are as good as they need to be; unlike, say, Pacific Rim, which felt the need for dumbass comic relief characters.   The other thing?  There are moments– several, in fact– of genuine beauty in the film, which is not something I’ve said about a summer blockbuster type of film before.  The bit referenced in the movie poster there is the best example.
  • All that said, I think they told Ken Watanabe that they were only paying him for one facial expression for the entire movie and if he used more than that one it was just too bad.  I love Watanabe most of the time, but I think we’re going to see a memoir from him in ten or twelve years where he reveals that he doesn’t remember anything about filming Godzilla because he was high on painkillers for every second of the production. He spends the entire movie with this look of dazed shock on his face that, by the end of the film, is unintentionally hilarious.
  • That’s my biggest complaint.  Everything else?  Awesome.  If there is any chance that you will enjoy a movie called Godzilla then you should drop everything and go see this right now when you can see it with a big crowd.
  • Related:  People.  If you show up on opening weekend of a big summer movie at 7:32 when the movie is supposed to start at 7:30?  And there are tons of people in the shit seats at the front of the theater?  Don’t bother climbing the stairs to go check on that empty seat in the corner.  Some motherfucker in the bathroom has already claimed that seat, and every sumbitch in the floor seats already went and checked.  You didn’t magically spot the one empty seat that everyone missed.  Your ass is late.  Go directly to the best of the remaining crappy seats because that’s all that’s left.
  • Also:  movie theater employees!  I understand that it makes your life easier if I’ll move toward the middle.  That said, and with all due respect, the answer is no.  I didn’t show up half an hour early so that some dumb sumbitch who showed up late with a group of six can take my aisle seat at 7:35.  I am a Person of Size and it’s better for everyone if I’m on the aisle.  If you are dumb enough to show up at 7:35 for a 7:30 summer blockbuster on opening weekend you deserve shitty seats.  I’m terribly sorry.  Please don’t take it personally; I know you’re doing your job, and I ain’t mad atcha.  But the answer is still no.
  • It is not impossible that I will hit both 2700 blog followers and 200 Twitter followers today.  You’re probably already following the blog, but do you Twitter?  Hit up the timeline to the right and follow me!
  • I have to mow the front lawn today and I’m actually looking forward to it, which frightens and confuses me.  This may be a manifestation of Dear God Let School End Soon syndrome.
  • I am finished with all lesson planning for the year, a full three weeks early, which has never happened once in my entire teaching career.  That ready for the year to be over.
  • Related: End of Course Assessments (ECA’s) for my Algebra class are tomorrow and Wednesday.  All Indiana high school students are required to pass this test to graduate; the state lets the honors Algebra kids take it in eighth grade (seventh in some districts) and, well, it’s kind of a big deal.  My school has never had more than about 60% of the kids pass in a single year.  I will be pissed if I don’t get 80%.  Amazingly, I’ll know the scores by the end of the week, assuming all of my kids are present for both of the tests.  I’m actually more invested in them doing well here than I am in ISTEP scores.  We’ll see how it goes.

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6 thoughts on “GODZILLA review, among other things

  1. Yes! I was really hoping that the director would get to make a good movie after “Monsters.” I totally agree that “Godzilla,” is a beautiful movie, and it was refreshing to see a blockbuster where humans are somewhat powerless and insignificant. This is no, “Independence Day.”


  2. I was pretty sure I was already following you but it would appear not. So I hope my re/follow does the trick! My daughter went to see Godzilla at the weekend and loved it for many of the reasons you stated. She didn’t mention the one expression guy so I’ll have to ask and see if she noticed. Not long till school’s out now. Hang on in. The bell will go before we know it. 🙂 x


  3. I saw it last night and thought it was really good for a monster movie summer blockbuster type. I laughed at the mention of late movie goers. There were tons of those people and it gets frustrating for the people who came early, although I’ve been there before. 🙂


  4. I read your review to a friend of mine who was interested in seeing “Godzilla” (I have told her before that your blog is great.) We both laughed out loud at the mention of “one expression guy” and all aspects of life inside the movie theatre! We will be going to see it and promise to go early!


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