On Amazon.com.  Right here.  TWO DOLLA NINETY-NINE CENT.

Holy shit.

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10 thoughts on “GO BUY MY BOOK

    1. Crud! 🙂 For whatever it’s worth, there’s a Kindle app for smartphones, and I’ll have it out at B&N and the iBookstore eventually, just as soon as I have time to iron out whatever problems they have with my formatting. Amazon turned out to be WAY easier to deal with in that regard. Thanks again for the reblog the other day!


  1. Just stopping by to encourage you not to lower the price, assure you that I will download it at the full price as soon as my personal budget rolls over and I am allowed to do such things, and promise to promote it more.



  2. Reblogged this on The Writing Catalog and commented:
    Any time I see a writer taking steps to find a market for their fiction, it makes me happy. When it’s a blogger I’ve read and chatted with for six months, I try to help them out, and this is a better pitch than I could make. This is on my summer reading list, for sure.


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