In which I spend money dollars

…so, just went Premium.  Figured I’d give it a shot since technically I can justify it as a grant-money expense; I don’t know if it’s going to feel like the money was well-spent or not.  I’ve fiddled with fonts and colors and will likely be doing that a lot over the next couple of days; expect the look of the site to change without warning, and don’t be shy about complaining about it if you feel like something’s broken or, maybe, you really hate sans serif fonts.  Nothing’s remotely permanent yet, especially since I don’t own the site header and I’d kind of like that top image to be something I control.

But, yeah, floodgate’s open for comments if you want.

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5 thoughts on “In which I spend money dollars

  1. Congrats on stepping it up a notch.. I too have wondered if it was worth the extra money spent. Let us hear how you like the change from free to $$,. hum… about the font.. not a fan of this one .. hard for these old eyes with glasses to read.. perhaps it’s not your font after all, but rather all the dust collecting on my laptop screen.. hum.. perhaps.. Anyway Take care and happy blogging to ya 🙂


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