Something something fertility celebration

My mom got my son a couple of Matchbox cars Hot Wheels for Easter.  This is one of them.   I find it vaguely alarming:

photo 2

Well, okay, not alarming from this angle.  This is just a cop car.  No biggie.  From this angle, though?:

photo 1Can’t have a cop car without carefully-molded machine guns and grenades in the trunk. Because military hardware is the first thing we should think of when we think of “police” nowadays.


(Not for nothin’:  this is my 500th post.)

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5 thoughts on “Something something fertility celebration

  1. What movie did they model this after? It certainly is not from reality!

    And congrats on the 500th post!


  2. Hot Wheels not Matchbox, though “matchbox cars” tends to be a generic name for cars that size…the guns are disturbing, also the fact that it is just a two seater sports car, if they catch a crook, where will they put him (or his body)?


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