Today was actually a pretty good day, all told. For some reason, my first and second hour class was in a behaving sort of mood today– or at least they entered a behaving sort of mood just as soon as the first kid to act up had his parents emailed on the spot– and the rest of my classes more or less followed suit. My main plan right now has to be to come up with a way to get through Monday without losing my soul to despair, which has been the pattern set by the last several Mondays.


Holy crap, is it the last warm Friday night of the year or something like that?  For the last several Fridays I’ve been able to write and/or read and/or grade more or less in peace at OtherJob because we haven’t had enough customers to keep me away from the laptop.  We got killed tonight starting two hours ago and just calmed down about twenty minutes ago.  And it was a crazy group of people, too– one group of Juggalos, one group of about fifteen Mennonites, and the local center for severely and profoundly disabled people had a crew out.  All at the same time, plus the usual assortment of families and couples on dates.

I cannot deal with Juggalos and Mennonites and Logan Center folks at the same time.  My brain can’t cope.  The Mennonites are all on Rumspringa and trying to buy weed from the Juggalos and the Logan Center kids keep asking who smells like pinecones.  Brain: broken.  At one point I was so frazzled I called a grown man “sweetheart;” I’d just been arguing with his daughter about which of us had had a longer day.  She was about seventh or eighth grade which tends to trigger my teacher vocabulary.   Luckily for me, he took it in stride– he turned to his daughter, said “He wins,” and then told me he was flattered but I wasn’t his type.

I may need to go home and get to bed soon.

Let me know what you think of the new site design, by the way.

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