Not too bad for my first attempt at surface carving, eh?  Please say yes.  🙂

My new best friend

…is this adorable little dude right here.  He’s going to sit on my desk and make me happy every time I look at him forever.


Prepare yourself for grabbaggery

  • Kotobukiya-Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-Rocket-Raccoon-Groot-Statue-e1392822625414I am listening to, of all things, Beethoven right now, because bloody Peg + Cat has put the fifth symphony in my head and I can’t get it out.  This is… kinda rare.
  • I’ve ordered the statue to the right there and I absolutely cannot wait for it to show up.
  • I start full-time back to work tomorrow, so the posting schedule here is gonna go back to what it is during the school year– that is, no early post unless I manage to get one written the night before, and likely the first one of the day coming between four and six.  Traffic will no doubt take a hit; I will cry.  Oh well.  I’ll roll in a pile of money to make it all better.
  • That said, I just came up with another post I need to write, so you may have one tomorrow morning anyway.
  • Here’s the Guardians of the Galaxy review, as I’ve been thinking about it: in the ways it’s good, it’s really really good, but it’s sort of a letdown in others, and is actually one of those rare movies that could have benefited from being about twenty minutes longer.  There’s enough characters and enough going on here that the movie could have  used a little breathing room here and there.  That said, all of the characters are amazing, particularly Rocket and Groot, who could carry a movie entirely by themselves.  I didn’t know anything about Dave Bautista before seeing him as Drax but he’s hilarious and seems to have been born to play the role.  Gamora, sadly, is a bit underutilized, but I think they’re holding her back for some of the more Thanos-intensive movies to come, so I can live with it.  That said, she gets one of the best lines of the movie, and the fact that they didn’t hook her and Quill up is fantastic.
  • Weirdly, part of the reason I’m having trouble being more detailed about my feelings for GotG is that after a few minutes of watching Groot and Rocket interact I started thinking about how to handle a Benevolence Archives movie, as the main characters have similar height disparities.  It’s tougher than you might think to shoot a film when one character is of a substantially different height than the others, and when you mix a really short character and a really tall character with people of normal height… hella tricky.  The fact that it’s so seamless is one of the movie’s biggest strengths.  Anyway, I need to see it again when it’s not going to distract me– long story short, if you had any thoughts about seeing the film I’d highly recommend it.  I think some of the praise it’s getting is overblown, but it’s been just about the best-reviewed movie of the goddamn year so that kinda comes with the territory.
  • I am hoping to be able to tell you some book news this week.  I am also hoping for some time to goddamn write this week.  I’ve been stagnant for over a week now and I’m kinda ready to be done with that.


So yeah I kept asking


and over

and over

and I finally get to go see Guardians of the Galaxy in like three and a half hours.

Seriously can’t remember the last time I was this jazzed about a movie.



(I’m not getting anything done today, am I?)