In which I’m definitely back in schools again…

20180827_fbl_at_notre_dame…because my annual First Or Second Week of September Head Cold is back, after a two-year absence, just like goddamn clockwork.  I was hoping that not actually being in the classroom would allow me to avoid it this year, but no to that; it’s laying around and moaning all day for me!  Hooray!

On the plus side, there is Football tonight.  We’re in that magical nine days or so every year where I want to watch football, not because I enjoy sports in general or football in particular but because football represents summer ending and, finally, the beginning of autumn, which is my hands-down no-doubt favorite season. The hoodie months are approaching.  They’re almost here!  I can tell, there’s football on TV!

By next week I’ll be over it.  But there’s a Notre Dame game starting in about half an hour and the good thing about being basically immobile right now is that so long as I make sure I’m planted in front of the TV I’ll be able to watch the whole thing.

…uh, anybody wanna bring me dinner?

1000 words, etc.

Everything I might want to write about tonight is exhausting, so I think I’ll just put this up and let you write the post in your heads:


What is this I don’t even


Just for the record

I’ve talked a lot of shit about goalies over the last couple of weeks, but Jesus, if it wasn’t for Tim Howard having the game of his goddamn career we’d have just lost 16-0 instead of going into jesus why is the game still going please someone fucking score time.


maxresdefault… You’re supposed to think the Lego dude is giving you the finger here, right?  That’s not just my screwed-up mentality taking over?

It has been a singularly useless morning.  Not only have I not gotten any writing done, which isn’t exactly the end of the world– I got through basically two full drafts of an entire story yesterday, and am not yet so far behind that I’ve got any reason to be nervous– but I haven’t really done anything else with the time.  I’m pretty sure I spent an hour just lying in bed staring at the wall.  Like literally staring, not trying to sleep or reading or anything.  Just staring.

And now I’m watching soccer, which has been the other thing I do when I’m at home alone four days a week, and once the World Cup is over I’m seriously not going to have anything to do with my time other than yucky things like keeping my house clean.

I thought– at least partially due to a lack of anything else compelling to write about at the moment– that I’d take a couple of minutes to point out some of the things that I actually like about soccer since several of my other posts have either been critical or gently mocking in some way or another.  So have some positives, although keep in mind that even right now as I’m listing several of them in my head that a bunch of them are going to be stupid:

  • I love the opening ceremony for World Cup matches.  I assume regular soccer matches don’t work like this, with the anthems and the little kids and the picture with the refs and the ball and all that, but there really is a lot of symbolism there that I’m quite fond of– starting with both of the teams walking out onto the pitch together.
  • I like that the game never actually stops.  You’ve got 45 minutes before you get a break, go run your damn ass off, and when that 45 minutes are over we’re going to add extra minutes for the places where you screwed up and had to halt the game.  I know this makes American TV networks insane because there’s not as many places to stick in ads.  That’s a feature, not a bug, and I love it.  Fuck the networks; I like it when they’re inconvenienced.  I’ve entirely lost the ability to watch football over the past several years and a good part of the reason is the way a damn game will take three and a half hours because of all the pauses and time-outs.  (The other half is the evil; that’s another story, though.)
  • I like that even though every soccer player is born with a genetic condition that gives them terribly weak ankles and calves  that are incredibly easy to injure, they’re tough enough to shrug off those horrible injuries and get back up and get in the game like nothing happened.
  • Okay, that was unfair.  That said: the game has a weird sportsmanship to it, where once the players realize that someone is actually injured– it seems like someone gets hauled off in a bucket once per game– someone will generally kick the ball out of bounds to stop the game, and I saw at least one example where Team A kicked the ball out of bounds because a Team B player was hurt, and then when Team B took their corner kick they basically handed the ball straight over to Team A because that was the fair thing to do.  Then again, biting and headbutts.
  • While I still think the lack of scoring is a problem, it is really exciting when it does actually happen.  There could still be a little more, though.
  • I like intelligent announcers.  Soccer seems to have a preponderance of those, or perhaps I’m simply mistaking British accents for intelligence, but I don’t think I am.

I still think they should get rid of goalies, though.