In which I wish it mattered

Whole lotta news today, chief among which is Tucker Carlson getting fired– probably, at least– by Fox News. They’re spinning it as “parting ways,” but when you say “see you Monday” at the end of a show on Friday and then go to work Monday morning and “part ways” with your company, I’m pretty sure you got fired.

As much as I would like to get all jubilant about it, I’m pretty sure Tucker Carlson is a Republican, and so is Fox News, institutionally at least, and so Rule One of Republicans applies: Republicans Always Get Worse, and Republicans Only Get Worse.

Carlson will somehow fail up into something even more prominent, and whoever Fox gives his show to will be worse than his was. I don’t make the rules, y’all, I just notice them when they’re 100% consistent over my entire life.

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