Two more days

I know I’ve been a broken record this week, but holy God, am I tired. It is utter madness that this week has been six weeks long and yet somehow it is still only Wednesday. Like … I just … what?

We have been doing the exact same type of assignment all week, and the sameness of that combined with the fact that, yes, still, I’m teaching the exact same lesson to all of my classes means that the week has taken on this insane Groundhog’s Day flavor, which is no doubt contributing to the fact that Monday through Wednesday have taken nineteen years. I’m also doing this thing where I’m coming up with good ideas for posts during the day then sitting down at my desk in the evenings and just … staring. I do remember a couple– I need to talk more about the new desk and I want to review Ocean’s Echo by Everina Maxwell, which I really enjoyed, but I’m too knackered to do either of those things right now. So instead I’m just gonna complain for a couple of paragraphs and then go sit in a room with my wife and son for a while.

Two more. I can do this.

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