Here it comes

We’re expecting up to a foot of snow, starting tomorrow and continuing through Saturday, and tomorrow is the last day of school before Winter Break. No one will be there and it will be fine. And then God will dump a ton of snow on my house so that no one can come talk to me for a couple of days at least, and possibly moving our planned Saturday Christmas dinner to Sunday, which is actual Christmas, which would suit me just fine.

All I need is to get home before the snow starts tomorrow. No problem, right?

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2 thoughts on “Here it comes

  1. We’re getting rain, possibly enough to cause flooding, and gale force winds and then COLD in my part of the country, so Christmas may be death trap slippery. I made my grocery store run this evening, and unless I forgot something, I should not need to leave the house until next week, which suits me perfectly.


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