Age quod agis

Okay. It’s done. I put in my resignation today.

And if you knew me, which you more or less do, and you wanted to guess how many HR departments I am currently arguing with, how many would you guess? Would you guess both? Because I am currently arguing with HR at both my current district and my new district– one because their salary guidelines as they have been explained to me make no Earthly sense (I am being very gentle with this argument, as I’m still getting a raise with their proposal, just not as much of one as I think I’m entitled to) and the other because they are attempting to hold my license up for breaking a contract that I have not only never signed but which was not even presented to me for signature.

You, uh, can’t hold my license for breaking a contract with you if no contract with you exists. Sorry. Maybe HR should have gotten our contracts for 2022-23 ready before mid-October if you wanted that to work.

It’s gonna be a fun last week and a half.

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