Well that was certainly a day

I’m not going to go into a lot of details, but one of our teachers was assaulted last night at a soccer game, and holy shit did that make for a busy day for Union Guy today. I spent all day Handling Business and then got home and sent approximately four thousand words worth of emails and now I am very much ready for a few days where I do not speak to anyone under 35 whose genetic material I was not personally responsible for.

(I get to pet giraffes on Sunday. It’s going to be a good weekend.)

The thing is, I haven’t had a bad day yet. That’s the truth. I’ve had some long ones, but we’ll hit a solid month of school next week and I haven’t written a single office referral that was actually for me. There was one issue that happened in the girls’ bathroom that I happened to be the staffer on hand for and I made it clear that I hadn’t witnessed it, and a handful of uniform violations that I don’t really give a shit about and nobody is going to pay attention to anyway. It’s September 9th and I’ve barely raised my voice. I don’t know what the hell is going on. It’s been so long since I enjoyed teaching that I don’t even trust the idea anymore.

Complete change of subject here: The current series on the channel is the supremely interesting Raji: An Ancient Epic, but that’s going to be ending on Saturday, and as of right now I’m not 100% sure what the next Let’s Play is going to be. I’m not convinced that there’s a lot of overlap between my YouTube people and my blog people, but I was considering lifting an idea from Penny Arcade and finding a super-cheap game that I didn’t know anything about every couple of weeks or so and playing it for half an hour just to see what I think of it. Some of them might turn into Let’s Plays sooner or later but the idea would be just to find something completely random and see if I could turn it into an entertaining video. If it blew up somehow I might let people suggest games. Does that sound interesting at all?


So two days ago I wrote a blog post and forgot to hit “post,” thus ruining a consistent streak that had lasted for about 2/3 of a year.

Today, it’s 8:43, and I find that I haven’t spent a single second thinking about blogging all day.

In my defense it is Labor Day weekend and I am not supposed to be doing the thinkystuff.

I will write a real blog post tomorrow, with paragraphs and everything, I promise.

In which I miss out

There were apparently something on the order of fifteen thousand teachers protesting at the Statehouse in Indianapolis today. Most of the public districts across the state, including mine, cancelled school today when it became clear that it would be utterly impossible to staff the buildings given the number of people taking personal days to attend the protest. I was not personally among them; I know a bunch of people who went, obviously, but given that my mother is currently back in the hospital and the only viable transportation to the protest was by bus (I am not about to fight fifteen thousand extra out-of-towners for parking in downtown Indianapolis) I was deeply leery of being three hours away from home and not actually personally in charge of when I could come back.

So I didn’t go. Which, honestly, is probably for the best; I have Twitter and my blog when I want to talk and/or think about politics, the governor wasn’t there anyway, and I really didn’t need to spend the day in a simmering rage. If I could have had a guarantee that no one would try to talk to me while I was there it might have worked out okay, but that seems unlikely. Instead I stayed home and played with cats and also played the new Star Wars game on my PS4, which is not the most productive use of my day but possibly the most sane.

The new cat’s name might be Dr. Doofenschmirtz, by the way.

I got to say it was a good day

Went from work directly to my son’s birthday party, which started a bit before I was able to get there. Being late to your own son’s birthday party is not the best feeling in the world, but it’s not like it was avoidable; everyone involved knew I was going to be late.

And then I had to continue to be a teacher for a while while wrangling 20-some-odd elementary kids for two hours.

Then I went to see my mom. Who is home now. Hopefully for good.

Soon it will be bedtime.

Thank a union member if you have a three-day weekend. And if you don’t, consider unionizing.

Emerging from the wreckage


I’ve said this before; in fact, I say it damn near every year: as someone who has been a union member and a union representative for damn near my entire adult life, I consider Labor Day my holiday in a way that is very unique to it.  I try to never forget that motherfuckers literally died so that the concept of the “weekend” could exist, much less a day where damn near everyone is expected to stay home and eat various grilled meats and swill alcoholic beverages.

Labor Day for the last couple of years has had a bit of a sting to it, because I’ve had to work and I do not like working on Labor Day.  I won’t complain about the money; the sales I made yesterday are going to earn me around $600 or so in commissions when they pay out, and making $600 in a single day of work is nothing to sneeze at.  This entire weekend was insanely busy, and today was nuts as well, and tomorrow I have another full day, because our present for Labor Day this year was that everyone on the staff gets to work another six hours longer than usual, and remember this is a job that is already 45+ hours every single week.

There are those who have it much worse, of course.  I’m aware of that.  But this, I think, will be the last time that I allow this to happen to me.  I’ve given enough hours of my life, enough weekends, to this job.  And this is about to be the second night in a row where I’ve gotten home from work at can’t-see at night and been in bed within half an hour.

Enough.  Time to find something else.