I have done nothing useful today

… like, nothing. Or at least it feels like it. I meant to go into work for a while longer again today and didn’t; I did technically get some work done at my computer but I can’t see that and if we’re honest I’m not a hundred percent sure I did what I was supposed to do.

Gotta do better tomorrow.

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One thought on “I have done nothing useful today

  1. I wouldn’t sweat it. Today marks two weeks until I will have kids in my classroom. I was in my front yard, enjoying the afternoon, carving on a wood block for Japanese printmaking. The neighbor and his 5ur old ride up on their bikes. He just took the kid’s training wheels off yesterday and she is tooling around pretty great. Enough so that they have ridden 1/4 mile to my house to show off. He proceeds with small talk. Asks me if I am excited for school to start. I give him the R You F ing kidding me look and replied, “No.” He continues, ” My kids are excited!” Me:, “That’s great! They should be! When it’s time for me to be excited, I will be excited. Enjoy your ride!” I probably should have lied, but instead I am truthful to a fault. Maybe it was the ruby in the Sandman episode I watched last night! God!


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