I am ancient and my memory is shot

…literally ten minutes ago I had a whole post, gloriously embedded in my brain, waiting only to be unfolded onto the screen and from there into your brains. Then I saw, like, a bug or something, and now it’s gone.

Today started with waking up to take a piss at 4:30 in the morning and then walking directly into a spider innocently trying to make its way from the ceiling to the floor. I managed to slap myself directly in the face, not scream, thus not waking up my wife, but then my adrenaline was up so I couldn’t get back to sleep, then I did get back to sleep and overslept, meaning that I had to go to work without taking a shower this morning. This was only made possible by the fact that I happened to shower before bed last night, but it was still yuckier than I want my life to generally be. Then once I got to work I discovered that because of ILEARN the schedule was getting shifted around and my least favorite group would be my class for the last two periods of the day, otherwise known as the only way to make them even more poorly behaved.

So, yeah, forgetting a post ten minutes after conceiving of it is more or less par for the course for today, and I am ready for Monday to be over.

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One thought on “I am ancient and my memory is shot

  1. Yeah, I had this brilliant idea I needed to flesh out, and then it was just…gone. Not like how it comes back five minutes later, or when you get up to go do something else…it just totally vanished into the ether. sigh Poor little scared spider…


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