wait shit

I almost forgot about you today. We had kind of unexpected visitors and then I spent a couple of hours trying to beat a boss in Elden Ring and I’m still kind of sick (no Covid; I tested again today) and well that was my Sunday. And now I’m going to bed so that’s as exciting as I get today.

Also, fuck Daylight Saving Time. I hate you, and so does everyone else, and it’s ludicrous that something that absolutely no one wants is still having to be endured by all of us twice a year. This is stupid and it should be repealed or banned or cast into the pits of Hell or whatever you do with stupid pointless cultural practices that exist for no fucking reason.

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One thought on “wait shit

  1. You know, Indiana used to fuck daylight saving time, they didn’t change clocks, they changed time zones when everyone else was changing clocks.


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