Yeah, it’s Monday

Not to Garfield it all up in this motherfucker or anything, but I’m disgusted with the current state of the world at the moment and I’m eager to get my Dark Souls run finished over at my stupid video game site, so if it’s okay with everyone I’m going to do that instead of writing a post that would likely just be me trying to figure out how many parts of speech I can use motherfucker in in a single piece of writing.

Work was fine today; this is a Politics Bad Mood, where most of what I want to write would get the FBI looking in my direction, which seems unwise. So I’mma cram my bad feelings deep down inside, not spend any time thinking about how Don Corleone would handle Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema, and kill some fucking monsters with a scythe. I’ll see you all tomorrow.

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