In which I am swamped

but the classroom is starting to come together.

First of all: I am never leaving this classroom ever, because I have an office. An office. This was, I dunno, a storage closet or something at some point, but now it’s just empty and in my classroom. I finally got my desk moved today. I love it.

I haven’t really decided how to arrange the desks yet, so they’re just sort of all over the place, but the phrase “exude relentless positivity” literally came to me in a Goddamned dream a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head, so it’s my official motto for this school year.

Here’s another third or so of the room. There’s another bulletin board and another whiteboard behind me, and still a ton of stuff to put up, and I have to do a shitton of writing this weekend. But we’re making progress. I’ll take it.

Monday I expect to be in the building all day, and Monday night is Open House. Tuesday is the first teacher day, and the kids, or some arbitrary fraction of them, are back on Wednesday. Last weekend of summer begins now.

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